Plywood : Mock-up

Here is a mockup of 3 panels and their connecting acrylic clips. The panels are roughly 10″x10″ in size with variation for each one depending on surface location. The clips were calipered to be friction fit joints, so much so that glue was unnecessary for this mock-up but will be used for an added safety factor in the final. The cut line that spread out concentrically are two-purposed. One, they create a lighter aethestic by allowing light to pass, as well as being the indicator of where the clips are located on the panel. This saves machine time by not requiring a secondary marking system. Also the labeling on the clips coordinates with the panel labeling but requires more work in the GH definition. Overall, the system has complete rigidity due in part to the high-tensile strength clips and the structural capabilities of the 1/4″ plywood panels.

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