Blog Rules

Your contributions to this blog are crucial for communicating with your colleagues, your school, and interested observers around the world. They are also an important part of your course grade. Please keep the following in mind as you post:

  1. Your posts are your primary means of presenting and communicating your work–thus each post should be “designed” similar to a portfolio. Like a good portfolio, your posts should illustrate both process and product. Be intentional about how you document and present your work.
  2. Post to the blog as a material team–combine the work of different team members into a single post (one person can start a post, and another can edit)
  3. Use a consistent format for all postings–short descriptive text, captioned images in “gallery” format, every post properly categorized by material.
  4. Don’t post any files over 1 MB in size–the blog doesn’t have unlimited storage.
  5. Feel free to share links or resources with the rest of the class by posting in the “Announcements” category.
  6. Be constructive when commenting on your colleagues’ work.

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