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Architecture Student at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. Social Media Coordinator and Architectural Intern for ConsciousBuild

Connection Development

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The initial connection was developed with two pieces of acrylic that snap together and hold in place. The corner clip (smaller piece) has its lower left side cast into the rubber panel to secure it. Then as three panels come together the arm of the corner clip slides into the hole of the center piece and snaps in place with a small hook feature.

After developing over 10 different clip designs we narrowed our actual cut files down to 4 center clips and 2 corner clips. We also added holes in the rubber connection end of the corner clips to help the rubber grip the acrylic.

Rubber Selection


Rubber Selection Process

With our selection we wanted to advantage of the elastic properties of rubber. We knew that none of the other materials could stretch so we wanted to highlight this feature. Our selection of a silicone rubber with an A Shore 10 hardness value was to get that elasticity we wanted.

We also needed to solve a critical problem in casting. Our casting times where 2-3 hours. We are attacking this problem with an accelerator that will speed up the casting process to 1 hour or less.

Project 3: Rubber Precedents