Fiberglass: Fabrication Process

The four molds for the modules are laminated MDF, which were machined by the CNC mill. These molds were then seperated using a bandsaw and subsequently sanded smooth and finished using polyurethane.

To fiberglass the molds, each module receives multiple coats of mold release wax as well as two coats of liquid mold release after each cast. Each individual mold requires different shapes and sizes of fiberglass cloth, streamlined by using corresponding cardboard patterns while cutting the cloth.

These fabric patterns are resined and layered in sets of three for each mold, with a washer inserted in each tab. After curing, the panels are cleaned with a wax removal agent and the backs of the panels are sanded smooth. These are then connected using the connection exhibited in the schematic design and suspened using eyelet bolts. The eyelets are then used to suspend the collective form using cable.

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