Plywood : Clip Development : Calipered Connections

This round of testing was in order to develop a clip that was able to sufficiently hold place via friction fit in the assembly of the panelized surface made of 1/4″ baltic birch plywood (actually .194″). This is crucial in maintaining structural rigidity and creating an efficient assembly process. The .164″ clip width created a hold that required a bit of brute strength to apply but held very well in place which would make assembly much quicker by not requiring glue until the entire surface is assembled (of course for safety control, high-strength glues would be applied later). The .174″ clip was also sufficient but did not hold as well, which makes the .164″ clip a superior choice. The .184″ had very little grip, and the exact dimension .194″ had no grip virtually. In addition, to speed fabrication up, only straight lines were used.

-Team “Ramrod” Plywood

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