Project 3: Rubber Assembly

Initial Brainstorm Session

For Project Three we first started to look at different kinds of rubber – silicone, urethane, molding latex etc. Price and quality were two factors that were important to us. Urethane, as will be discussed in depth later, gives us the most versatility as a material. When looking at materials we wondered whether it’d be better to actually pour or brush on like Project Two. Our team was leaning more toward pouring.

We also brainstormed structure and how this would look. We figured we can control the structure in numerous ways. An advantage to rubber as we learned, was it’s flexibility and that Project Three will NOT be a planar thing. Instead, it can be moveable, and even be a continuous piece from ceiling to floor to wall. The shapes can be fluid as oppose to straight edges. Our structure can be wood, acrylic, or wire. We could actually embed the structure so it can be hidden, or expose it. We also wanted to explore having structure in only part of the assembly so that we have a diversity of strong to soft points.

Connecting the piece is another challenge. Strips, panels. sheets are all possibilities. Creating a module and diversifying it is something we are interested in. What if instead the connection points of these modules create a tensile structure instead of a ribbed one? We really want this piece to encourage participation – whether that be a mechanism that pushing and pulls on the rubber as people walk by or literal points of interest that users can pull or push.

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