Plywood/ Surface

In regards to the “roughing” portion of the first model, the diameter of cutting tool I used was “1/2″ Square End”.  Therefore during some of the passes it would rip out chunks of the plywood thus ruining the final surface.  I believe that this was not only caused solely by the size of the tool, but was also caused by the material properties of the plywood itself.  Due to the fact that it is a manufactured piece of lumbar that has no consistent grain, but rather is a bunch of pieces of wood that are glued and pressed together.  So for my second attempt I used a smaller diameter cutting tool which was “1/4″ Square End” allowed me to create the surface I wanted.  In regards to the “finishing” passes, during my first attempt to create my surface model I used 15% “Step Over”.   Choosing this number proved to be a waste of time because it took a long time to complete all of the passes, and with the chunks missing from the poor roughing process, the finishing passes could not clean up the model enough.  So for the second attempt, since I used a smaller more precise roughing tool, I was able to get away with using a bigger number (20%) in “Step Over” which was able to give me a nice smooth finished surface in less time.

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