Stephen / Emily / Nina – Pleats, Please

These folding iterations are based off a cross-diagonal fold with inserted lateral and vertical folds that allow triangular modules to form. These create a structurally competent series of modules that can be strategized and fabricated in multiple ways.

Our documentation shows a “Plate” Iteration which is a field of modules on one plane which then can be folded and clipped to create a very stable and tessellated surface. In the “Strip” Iteration, the modules are arranged into a series of offset strips which are then clipped and connected together to create a flexible plane. The “Column/Compression” Iteration shows the strength of the module in compression, being secured as a column that can support a sizeable weight.

The last images show the 2D image of the folding pattern as well as the Grasshopper definition used to construct them. The definition allows skewing of the field of modules as well.

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