Initial Study : Error Reporting

Here is a compilation of images from our first iteration of a CNC surface. The errors that occured during the milling included the inability for the blocking to hold down the stock. As the tool dove into the dense plywood it created enough tug to slowly pull it up and result in lines that streaked the face of the surface and eventually led to breaking of the bit. Also the NC code was mysteriously posted wrong so that the some circles featured deformations that should not have occured.

-Team “Ramrod” Plywood

Above are the updated tool cut paths for the Line job type. Using the Mop curve machining in the 3-axis menu, the lines were assigned to different Mops based on elevation at a .125″ step down to .625″ yielding 5 total operations. This is an effort to avoid safety issues and broken bits. Also the clearance plane was increased to 1″ above stock for additional safety.

-Team “Ramrod” Plywood

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